As an IT Professional

The demands on your time are overwhelming!

It can be frustrating that you are the only one in the company that understands systems end to end, because you are the one that implemented them.

We feel your pain. By closely working with your IT leaders and developers, we will extend your scope and accomplishments without having to hire more people.

TOTALogistix is a process driven company where we put the I before the T (Information before Technology). By letting us solve your logistics technology problems, we let you focus on other corporate initiatives.


Here are some of the tasks we have checked off for our clients:

  • From ASNs to email notifications, we have filled gaps in ERP systems
  • Our clients have used our transportation management system to leverage its flexibility in workflow customization and document design
  • We make data exchange and system integration incredibly simple by programming to your specification
  • You can use TOTALogistix as the one stop shop with respect to freight API – on e-commerce platforms, traditional ERPs or for Omni-channel fulfillment
  • Security for us is an imperative not an afterthought. Our services employ better than state of the art methodologies for data in rest and in motion

Related Solutions

  • Manage Transportation
  • Ship at Least Cost
  • Route Across All Modes
  • Control Inbound and Outbound
  • Enable End-to-End Visibility
  • Analyze Results
  • Go Paperless
  • Optimize Material Flow
  • Gain Pallet-level Visibility
  • Avoid Carrier Fees
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Consolidate and Save
Data Management
  • Collect and Consolidate Data
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Evaluate Opportunities
  • Utilize Private Rates
  • Establish Metrics
  • Automate GL Coding
  • Access to Powerful Dashboards
  • Identify Anomalies
  • Set Triggers and Alerts
  • Enable Predictive Analytics
  • Act on Targeted Reports
  • Gain Control Tower Visibility
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