Tame the Paperwork Tiger through                  Data Management

Our audit and freight payment solutions ensure you don’t over pay your carriers.

Rest assured that you're paying the correct amount

We can help you keep your costs in line, ensure logistics vendors are charging correctly, and give you single-entry efficiency that flows through to accounts payable, ERP, and general ledger, facilitating "lean and green" accounting practices. Our system lets you capture data for proactive management, generating customized reports to keep you in charge and move your supply chain toward best practices. While we provide you with IT solutions, our approach is always "I before T." First, we determine your needs, and then deploy the technology to reach them.

Assigning all inbound transportation to COGS and outbound to sales with no differentiation between sales channel/customer/product is a thing of the past. We have helped our clients evolve their reporting methods. We provide a freight audit service with next generation results – line level GL coding that allocates costs to individual SKUs/divisions/locations/departments and even identifies specific sales campaigns. Looking at every freight invoice, every line within each invoice, the orders that correspond to that shipment and the items that ship within that order is impossible to perform manually. Our heuristic data cleanup and advanced file matching process can combine several sources of information – from orders to returns, CRM to ERP.

This takes reporting on logistics to a new level of accuracy.

Success Stories: Better cost control = higher profits!


A Japanese multinational ships digital whiteboards and projectors along with their associated parts. We were tasked with breaking down the cost of shipping by each component in an order. We developed a data matching system that identifies and reports shipping costs at a SKU level. This allows them to better manage their total cost to deliver their products at an item level and across sales channels. Better cost control = higher profits.


If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.

Be in control of your data and move towards a best-in-class supply chain.

Take the right approach with TOTALogistix

A common sense approach…

  • Collect and consolidate and manage data from invoice to reconciliation
  • Ensure compliance with contracts
  • Custom GL coding – by location, reference, item/SKU, order type, vendor /customer, sales channel etc.
  • Automate upload to ERP
  • Facilitate lean & green accounting practices
  • Monitor freight activity through targeted reports

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What Our Clients Say:

“TOTALogistix has done a great job of auditing our parcel invoices over many years, saving us both time and money.”

 Greg Holen

Vice President & General Manager - Pawling Corporation

“The Colonial Mills, Inc and TOTALogistix’s partnership, now over 10 years of existence, has provided great savings and much needed data management services helping our New England-based textile business strive for success.”

Federico Read

Plant Manager - Colonial Mills

“The automated freight expense tracking solution was well worth the cost in our eyes, mine and Laurie our CFO. With your efforts we now have an outstanding process and system to perform this task at Shelter.”

Gary Bernacki

Logistics Manager - ShelterLogic

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