Freight Audit and  Payment

TOTALaccess TMS - Designed By You Built By Us!

TOTALaccess TMS - Designed By You Built By Us!

The primary return on investment is the reduction of freight spend across all modes of transpiration. However, the unsung heroes of a TMS i.e., Increased customer satisfaction, warehouse efficiency, sustainability, and data visibility are all major revenue increasing factors of a TMS and can provide a large ROI to a company

Why is TOTALaccess Unique?

It’s a fully customizable TMS at “one size fits all” TMS price. Our team of experts provide clients with hands on TMS design and support to address their shipping pain points.

Data Matters

  • Shipping History Report
  • Shipping Trends And Metrics
  • Carrier Scorecard
  • Quarterly, Monthly, Or Weekly Reports
  • Compliance Reporting

  • Ship & Compare All Modes:
    Freight, LTL, Parcel, Air, and Ocean