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May 09, 2018

Surfing the Wave

‘Survey says’ 40 percent anticipate parcel delivery in two hours by 2028.

Disruptions to the supply chain of yesterday are coming at us faster than, well, products on an Amazon delivery line. With e-commerce projected to generate roughly $4.5 trillion in retail sales by 2021, Read More

May 02, 2018

Care and Feeding of Truckers

Becoming a ‘shipper of choice’ leads to preferred treatment from carriers.

The balance of power at the loading dock is shifting, or rather has shifted. Shippers long accustomed to calling the shots with motor carriers, and sometimes treating drivers as second class citizens, are now in the position of competing against one another to book an available...Read More

April 10, 2018

'Flex'-ing its Muscles 2

Amazon disrupting package delivery along with everything else.

The newest player in the parcel delivery space came to a lot of people’s attention, in a foreboding way, thanks to the country’s most recent bomb scare...Read More

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